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Welcome to STAR Touring and Riding Chapter 326

Mission Statement:
To pursue, promote and protect the interests of motorcyclists; to develop better and more enthusiastic relations between the general public, the media and the operators and riders of motorcycles; to encourage rider participation in events; to promote motorcycle safety and camaraderie among members; to promote organized events; and in general, perform them in a lawful manner.

Pete's Safety Tip's

Riding in windy weather can be a challenge for even the most
 skilled and experienced riders like ourselves! It can buffet a bike from side to side, blow it off the side of the road or even make it feel like you aren’t even moving when the speedometer says forty-five miles per hour. Riding in the wind is very demanding and could be exhaustive.
Quick moving air behaves a lot like water. Navigating against a steady crosscurrent is relatively easy; steer into it enough to stay on course. Plowing through a turbulent patch is more complicated.  Steer or be steered. Constant corrective pressure on the bars and pegs is the only way to maintain the desired compass heading.
No matter how strong you are, the wind is stronger. So be smarter. Give yourself a cushion of downwind or upwind real estate wherever possible so unexpected gusts don’t shove you into something solid or off the road entirely into a sticker bush!!
1. Lower your profile- Crouching lowers your wind profile and the power of the wind. Drop your body closer to the tank to reduce a side wind’s tipping leverage.
2.Slow the *%$#!@  Down!- At relatively slower speeds the bike becomes a little more manageable.
3.Knee tank grip- Grip the bike with your knees, feet and hands to keep a vertical tension. Gripping the bike means pushing inwards with your knees, feet and hands. Keep your shoulders and arms flexible.
4Do not Panic!-   Worse than the wind could be your overreaction to it.The main response to gusting winds is staying calm. Go with the flow.
5.Keep a straight course- Pick a line and maintain it at all times. This is not the time for passing and changing lanes.
6.Stay away from traffic- Common sense dictates that the more objects you have to deal with on a windy day, the less concentration you will have controlling the bike.
7.Ride on the side of the lane that gives you the most room to maneuver- Open space is your friend on windy days.
8. Wear tighter fitting clothes on windy days- No need to look like a kite that is ready for launching!
9.Wind can be very dehydrating- So, stay hydrated! Drink to keep the fluid levels high. Water that is.
10.If  you d on ’t n eed  to  rid e h ard  in  th e w in d ,  th en DON’T !!  - Take multiple breaks when riding long distances on windy days.

The Bottom Line

With any extreme weather conditions, you need to assess whether you can safely operate your bike in windy conditions. Wind can be dealt with, with calmness, skill, and attention.

Keep the rubber side down and ride responsibly!

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Upcoming Things to do!

Date Description
Aug 25 Ride to Long Beach Island Light House
Sept 8 Ride to Mid-Atlantic Air Museum Reading
Sept 15 PA Rally Hosted be Chapter 386 LHV



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