Any ride

Any rider

Free to choose

Friends and Family

Respecting others

The basics:

Do I have to ride a STAR (Yamaha) Motorcycle?


We welcome all rides and all riders - we are a RIDING group, supporting Motorcycling riding, interests and events. We have members who ride Harleys, Kawis, Triumphs, Hondas - in addition to the fine line of STAR Motorcycles.

How do I become a member & how much does it cost?

Generally no more than $68 but please see the 'Join STAR' page!

Does STAR welcome new riders?


As part of our mission we work to promote safe riding. Our group is very aware of a cyclist's skill level and have Chapter members who are selected and assigned to deal with no riders (as well as to welcome new members to the Chapter).

We ride in a fashion that allows new riders to ride at their own pace and become confident in their abilities as they are built up over time. As we stay within 5mph of the posted speed limit during Chapter rides the pace is not too fast or too slow - something a new rider may just need!

What are some of the benefits of being a member of STAR?

At the Chapter level you get to select from a range of rides and events, make new friends and contribute to riding by helping other riders or just talking about riding to those who are interested. Some sponsoring dealers offer discounts to their Chapter members.

At the STAR Touring & Riding Association level there are insurance & ID theft discounts; discounts on lodging; roadside assistance, cleaning products and shipping discounts. You are also kept informed via the STAR News and receive an ID card and patches as well as the opportunity to select from additional membership levels if you are a Veteran, First Responder, Woman or Child.

As a member can I suggest rides and events to attend?

YES - It's is not only OK but encouraged!

Sanctioned rides - (Formal rides requiring Exec board approval) can be requested via email.
These rides will be posted to the Chapter Calendar and announced following their approval.

Unsanctioned rides - Informal rides member supported or suggested.
These rides may not be posted to the main calendar but can be freely suggested by any member, at any time.

Can I ride with a STAR Chapter as a guest?

Yes, but...

STAR Chapters have what is known as the "Three Ride Rule" which is a Charter requirement of STAR Touring and Riding Association (the operational guide for any Chapter).

In a nutshell the "Three Ride Rule" is this:

After 3 rides with any Chapter a rider who wants to continue to ride with the group must join STAR Touring ($48). You don't have to join that Chapter - as a STAR Touring member 'at large' you can continue to ride as a Guest, subject to local Bylaws.

General Questions:

Does STAR hold pub runs or have alcohol at Chapter riding events?


While a family organization we all have and know how to have a good time but maintain a zero alcohol policy when riding in any Chapter sanctioned ride or event. In addition many of us know people who have been seriously injured or killed in alcohol related accidents and want to keep all members and guests safe.

Can I maintain my membership in other groups?


Many STAR members are also members of other motorcycle groups and organizations.

Supporting motorcyclists is an integral part of the STAR mission and the STAR organization - promote interests of motorcyclists, develop relationships with the public, encourage and promote participation in events. Only one part of the mission - camaraderie among members - is STAR specific.

Does STAR Touring support other motorcycle groups and organizations?


STAR members respect other groups and organizations and their right of free association and assembly in a non-confrontational manner. Support for these organizations is again part of the STAR mission which the over 75,000 members of STAR Touring operate under.

STAR specialized memberships - such as STAR Vets, LOS and Tin STARs - frequently work with and support other organizations in order to plan and execute events and support their mission.

General Chapter members bring their associations and events to the Chapter who may participate in them as long as they don't violate the International Charter.

Do STAR Chapters join [as a member] other groups and organizations?


While STAR members may belong to other groups STAR Chapters, governed by their Charter, are Associated with STAR Touring and Riding and no other organization.

What is a riding 'association' like STAR, how is that different from other groups?

STAR Touring & Riding is an Association, a riding group - not a brotherhood, fraternity or other bonded group. We are a group of riders with a common interest and mission - to ride!

Many groups work very hard for their membership. Through a long trial they become members. That effort is rewarded - and respected - with a symbol that serves as a meaningful representation of that experience and their membership in that group. These members come from all walks of life but in the end they want the same thing as most - respect for what is earned.

STAR Touring patches are not 'colors' - they are a two part patch (main body & rocker) that is provided to members at their expense but not earned as in other groups. The rockers beneath do not define a territory - simply the location of the chapter's Chartered location.

Motorcycling Community

[I'm new to Motorcycling] Can I learn more about the motorcycling community, the various groups and proper etiquette?


While not affiliated with STAR or VFStars326 this is a very good resource to explain the differences and operations of different motorcycle groups - a MUST read!

Motorcycle Club/Riding Club Education [web site]
http://www.rcvsmc.net Motorcycle community eduction

What should I do if someone asks me to take my vest off - is that normal?

While not typical or expected - many of us have been riding for decades without issue - if this happens to you take it off, turn it inside out.

While groups will expect us to respect our membership patch and vest others may ask, for various reasons, for you to take your vest & patch off.

Since you may not be familiar with the area, situation, etiquette, etc. it's best to provide some basic information if requested and gather some basic contact information in return. Don't lie, don't be confrontational.

This and any other information should be forwarded to your Chapter President. Once that is done the situation will be taken care of.