STAR Chapter Listing (US)

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Can I have links added to this page?

Yes - send in your favorite links and we will add them here, just insure they are family friendly (G-Rated).

STAR Chapter Links [closer than you think...]:


Our Favorite Sites & Links:

Vendors & Accessories

  1. Star Mall   
  2. Star Motor Cycles
  3. Barron's Customs Accessories

Riding Information  

  1. STAR Touring & Riding
  2. Motorcycle Consumer News
  3. Motorcycle Safety Foundation
  4. Motorcycle Events in Pa  
  5. Honor & Remember
  6. "Ride Like a Pro" Site focused on Motor Police-style rider training (Videos, articles, etc.)
  7. AMA


  1. Dragbike Magazine
  2. Motorcycle Cruiser magazine
  3. Roadstar Magazine
  4. Motorcycle-USA   
  5. Roadstar Clinic