Hand signals we use during group rides:

We do not change lanes (left to right) when riding in Staggered Formation and a rider leaves the Group.
If a person leaves the group the person behind the rider who left moves up to fill the vacated spot.
This is our way of doing it and while not uncommon other groups may do it differently.


Staggered Formation


When are these used?

Any time we are on a ride with more than one rider we use hand signals to communicate with each other.

What if riders have radios?

We still use hand signals at all times as many riders don't have radios.

Can I signal 'Single File' or 'Staggered Formation' if I'm not an Ride Captain or Tail Gunner?

No, these signals change the group riding position and should only be used by the ride leader.

The person in front of me is making a sign - do I repeat it?

Yes! Signs like 'Single File', Road Hazzards, slow down, etc. MUST be repeated down the line - if the person in front of you makes these signs you MUST echo them!

Are these signals only used by STAR?

No, in fact most group rides use hand signals and they are quite standard.

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