How to get entries on the ride calendar:

Contact the ride Committee via email

How do I get event updates:

Most ride updates are sent via email by the Ride Captain while others may appear on the calendar or home page.

Can new riders and guests go on rides?

Yes, we encourage it and have special Chapter members to assist new riders.

How do I sign up for rides, let people know I'm coming:

Some rides have registration where others (like most after Chapter meetings) are ad-hoc, we ride with as many as we had. Keep an eye on the event or email the Ride Captains.

Do I need to sign a waiver?

Yes, you need one for each year (and, depending on the ride, for some individual rides). Please see the "Join STAR" page for the current waiver form.

What is the 3 ride rule?

Please see the "Join STAR" page.

Do you use Hand Signals during rides?

Yes, please see the "Hand Signals" page

Do you switch lanes when riding in stagger formation and a rider leaves formation?

No - When a rider leaves the staggered formation that column of riders is to move forward, we try not to have a lot of lane to lane movement while riding in groups. See the "Ride Guidelines" page for more information.

Speed Limits:

We want to act in a responsible and lawful manner, respect the skills of other riders and prevent people with Commercial Drivers Licenses (CDL) from risk or penalty. Everyone is encouraged to "ride their own ride" at a speed and pace that matches their ability and comfort level, within the law.

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